Wall-Mounted Workstation And Folding Desk

The growing number of people working from home is one of the many cultural changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the English mechanic Pith & Stem attempts to capitalise on this trend with a wall-mounted workstation that you may not even be aware of. The DropTop fold-down desk has a lot to offer for a long day at the home office, and when knocking time comes, you can store it stylishly behind a picture or artwork. We are looking for a healthy work-life balance now more than ever. We are working from home more than ever before. We must all relearn what productivity entails.

Designer: Pith & Stem

Pith & Stem describes its DropTop workstation as “fully built-in and ready for plug-and-play use,” implying that it can load and connect to Windows and Mac laptops via 24-inch full HD monitors and USB/USB-C cables. There are two laptop storage areas or other odds and ends beneath these monitors. The workstation itself is made of a thick birch plate finished in black or white satin that can be folded down at the front to form the desk, with custom hinges that appear to be quite strong, and measures 120 x 60 cm in width (47 x 24″).

“Working at home brings a lot of environmental, social, and economic benefits,” says Stefan Husanu, CEO and designer of Pith & Stem. Regardless, many people have grown to dislike it in the last year, despite the fact that it was once their dream! It’s unsettling, the lack of appropriate tools or work areas, and the inability to strike a balance between work and life. This is due to a variety of factors, including However, we cannot let these be an impediment to something that has such a positive impact on the environment. That is why we created a homework solution that fits in all rooms and provides comfort and style production.”

DropTop is functional (ergonomic to promote a healthy posture), strong (made of the toughest hardwood ply with custom-made hinges), ethical (made of FSC-certified birch plywood), and elegant (made of customised colours and finishes – you can even add your personal favourite pictures or artwork to your face). DropTop is simple and folds away easily and discreetly, with a privacy lock and a removable power supply. DropTop.TM is available when you want it, and out of sight when you don’t. The ideal computer desk for saving space.

Customers for the DropTop can select from a variety of wooden finishing products for the outside walls and desktop, such as ash and walnut, as well as monitors from Philips, LG, and AOC. They can also be personalised. If the desk is empty, a large photo can be chosen for laying on the outside, or customers can send their own images to be printed.

The DropTops are ordered in the United Kingdom, and the final price is determined by the level of customization, even though the base model is priced at £1.099 (US$1.500). DropTop is your new solution for productive, efficient, and comfortable homework that is simple to set up, high-performing, and customizable.

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