View Of The Opulent Los Angeles Home Of Miley Cyrus.


This 6-bedroom, 7-bedroom Southern California retreat, 6,800 square feet less than a year ago, was acquired by Miley Cyrus and has already been fully furnished. It was Mileyfied to the nth degree more than that. A talented indoor design team from Miley is composed of Tish Cyrus (Miley’s mother and 16-year manager) and Mat Sanders, Tish’s design partner.

“I want you to know who lives, what their personalities are, what their likings are, and how they are, as you enter someone’s house,” Tish says. The house is charming and exuberant, but like Miley herself, it is also consistent and controlled.


“Boho is chic right up my alley,” Tish confesses.

In my own home, I prefer neutral colours. The rock-and-roll atmosphere of Miley, on the other hand. Much can be chosen.” There. An artist Brian Robles’ psychedelic ceiling treatment, an Ettore Sottsass bookcase and a mouth chair with an elegantly wiggled tongue are some examples of kaleidoscopic coolness. Shoot out a little more, and it’s evident that after painting a dramatic black outer of the 1950s, they were able to have a good time—”the house was quite dynamic in the eastern coast,” said Tish. “Miley, Mat, and I’m an awesome small team because they always say, ‘More is more,'” continues Tish.

On the other hand, Tish loved the high-level maximalism of Miley. “Nothing’s permanent, my mom believes nothing can’t be ruined,” Miley explains. “While people make risky choices throughout their lives, sometimes those risks pay off and make good fortune. But it is a risk that she is willing to accept and reflects in the design.” Indeed. In this case, it was undeniably worth these risks. But the tones are calming all over.


“My mother’s best feature is empathy and discretion, as a mom and as an interior designer,” said Miley. “She’ll do all I imagine a reality, even if it’s not her style. She designs for her children in the way she nourishes us—I am not the only one who hires my mom as an interior designer. She only wants the best for us; it is good for our mental health, creativity, and songwriting to build environments that reflect our personalities.”

That’s true, even in a bright, spacious, white open-plan kitchen with the F-word in the main literature. It has a black-on-black square panel.

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