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With the help of anodised aluminium links, Kriskadecor offers architects and interior designers a range of options, including room divisions, wall covers, facades, luminous components and any other single structure.

Adaptation is the most valuable asset of Kriskadecor. They make projects based on colours, shapes and volumes based on the needs of their customers using small interconnection elements. With in-house technology, images and patterns can be recreated in a number of brilliant and satin finishes.


The reconstructed VIP Lounges of Barcelona-El Prat Airport Josep Tarradellas were recently opened up to the public following extension work. Pau Casals in Terminal 1 is one of the rooms.

The aim of the project is to offer a timeless design solution that offers the exquisite and exclusive look of the VIP lounge with the required efficiency and adaptability at an airport. A variety of welcoming and comfortable rooms were developed to meet the client’s programmatic needs and offer passengers waiting on board their aircraft a relaxed environment.


The rooms were designed with an open plan in mind, with different settings separated by the metal chain grids of Kriskadecor. These lattices and finishes and furnishings have been designed with clear geometries, straight lines, high-quality and modern materials proving durable and easy to maintain and clean.

There have been several clearly defined distribution pathways for organising the different settings.

The Technical Answer

The BCN Framed System consists of two ceiling and ground profiles that hold chain tight and two sidebars that seal a structure. The BCN Framed System is simple and attractive. The system is especially lightweight and reduces the burden compared to other dividers as the rail and chains are made from aluminium. Furthermore, the shape of the chain links Kriskadecor enables better ventilation and air renovation in enclosed environments.

The chain and the frame make it possible to adapt a wide range and make them ideal for every project. Indeed, with a large range of 24 colours in satin and brilliant finishes, the Kriskadecor mesh design could be monochrome or can reproduce any image or logo or design with high clarity. In the Pau Casals VIP space divisors’ catalogue, the designers chose the Claire Davies Earth pattern.

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