What are “Sky Villas,” and how is the perception of luxury changing for people?


The number of luxury homes is steadily growing in the Indian real estate market. The Sky Villa lifestyle is progressively gaining in importance amongst consumers in urban Indian cities thanks to a high level of global exposure and an understanding of international standards.

This is a relatively new housing concept, combining a single structure with the design of houses and apartments, which makes it ideal for people who want a top-quality lifestyle.


Theme of building

Unlike isolated bungalows, Sky Villas can occupy a whole floor of the structure or can be constructed as two or more storey multi-level houses. Due to the low structure density, confidentiality and security are abundant. Many purchasers prefer a large, high-rise bungalow with spectacular city views to own a traditional villa on the ground floor.

Make a Space

Sky Villas can be skilfully integrated into a magnificent environment with integrated building automation and technology, depending on the size of the residence. Most of these homes are open on all four sides, providing good indoor-outdoor connection and sufficient ventilation for the maximisation of sunlight. The exclusive features of Sky Villas include private laundry, a sunbathing pool, a central heating and conditioning facility, a state-of-the-art wet kitchen, a living and dining areas for two people, a home theatre lounge, a gym with a steam room and a sauna, master bedroom with a spacious walk-in closet, luxury bathrooms, staff rooms.


Sky Villa’s benefits

Sky Villen offers a large bungalow luxury and a luxury apartment complex or condo security and integrated amenities.


The common facilities of Villas Sky include badminton courts, golf courses, a wide children’s playground, a luxury club house, a coffee shop and an internationally-standard infinity heated pool. Large plantationed gardens, paths and plenty of vegetation in outdoor spaces guarantee a peaceful and peaceful existence and maximum luxury in nature.

There are numerous challenges facing architects and builders.

Building on specific demographics of homebuyers, these properties can be built only by reputable and experienced RERA licenced buyers. One of the most demanding aspects of such projects is that they must be constructed in a prestigious location and neighbourhood to become an address of signature.

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