Wuxiang Mountain Qiu Hu Station


The project is located in the Wuxiang Mountain National Forest Park in Nanjing’s Lishui District. Beautiful views and lush plants can be found on the property. One side is a continuous mountain with dense bamboo trees, while the other side is a mountain road with towering Metasequoia woodland.

Park Administration And Tourism At The Station

Wuxiang Mountain Qiu Hu Station / Mix Architecture,© Xiaobin Lv

Since the picturesque region requires expansion and rejuvenation, it is proposed to repair the original forestry office space and increase the functions of small-scale sales, tourist advice, and rest, transforming it into a nodal station for park administration and tourism. Simultaneously, the owner specified specifications from the outset of the project, aiming to use a courtyard as a test bed for operation.


Under the influence of these previous circumstances, the design’s key concerns have become the integration of interior and outdoor functions, the integration of the courtyard prototype and space, and how to respond to nature.

Landscapes At Play

Wuxiang Mountain Qiu Hu Station / Mix Architecture,feature. Image © Xiaobin Lv

The integration of generally defined spatial layouts and functions is the starting point for the design. We divided the function into two L-shaped halves based on the courtyard: one is an office-based interior space, and the other is a tourist service-oriented external space. The two angled L-shaped slope roofs that interlaced and twisted into eaves in the inner courtyard dominate the two portions. Finally, the roof size is determined with the goal of stacking the front and back of classic mountain woods.


Thus, the landscape platforms and staggered folded roofs that gradually raise and hide the walls become the main body of the organisational space, and they retreat and misplace each other, along with the back mountains, to fill the shortcomings of the mountain at the site, and to show the level of near, some distance, and far, so that architecture and environment can be better integrated.

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