Barril Restaurant Adding Specificity And Class To Dining

The Barril Restaurant is made with well-defined concerns as the owner of a residence that had been in existence for more than nine years and was armed with an entrepreneurial mentality that came naturally to him. He sought to expand the house in order to cut customer wait times, create a space with a strong personality that would complement the company’s surviving corporate image, and eliminate the problem of noise that developed anytime the home was full.

Creating A Sense Of Authenticity At The Barril Restaurant

Barril Restaurant / Paulo Merlini arquitetos,© Ivo Tavares Studio

With the difficulties clearly identified, we began by examining the company’s corporate brand, swiftly concluding that it should be built to transport the client to the dingy surroundings of a wine cellar. We built a logic of arched porticos that support the image of a vineyard by taking into account the pre-existence of the site and taking advantage of a variety of structural constraints, such as pillars and sanitation pipes. We used a mirror to cover one of the walls, taking use of the arches’ repetition to create the sense of a larger room.

We built a roof composed of pine wood slats with a colour velvet finish, 20mm separated from each other, to tackle this problem, understanding that sound acts like a ping-pong ball. On top of these slatted panels, we put acoustic absorption material. With this simple method, we were able to turn the entire ceiling into a sound absorbent panel, reducing reverberation noise by more than 80%.

Lighting And Arches To Establish Their Presence

Barril Restaurant / Paulo Merlini arquitetos,© Ivo Tavares Studio

In terms of lighting, we chose to use a series of shallow light projectors to illuminate the arches, highlighting their formal expression and establishing their presence in space. We devised a series of lights with a strong visual character as a complement to indirect lighting. Controlled by a rheostat, they allow for the change of the quantity of light necessary in the area, extending the possibilities of its use.

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