Dental Clinic in Oporto Blending Treatment With Comfort

The front desk and waiting area It’s distinguished by a large white box that floats in the air, manipulating the space’s vertical amplitude. The interior of the box mimics the feeling of being under a roof, providing a familiar sense of comfort to the user and assisting me in relaxing before the treatment.

Fascinating Themes Of The Clinic

Dental Clinic in Oporto / Paulo Merlini,© Joao Morgado - Architecture Photography

A series of lamps float in the air from the “roof,” illuminating the space with light. By the end of the day, the floating box has stopped the excessive light and heat coming from the main face, but her large mass has pushed the rest of the working spaces to the back façade. This area receives a lot of natural light and provides optimal working circumstances.

On the upper floor, a very thin and exquisite stair leads to a resting/waiting room. A window situated at foot level establishes a strong visual connection with the ground floor, allowing us to look down at the lamps from above. The window is a highly crucial element from the entrance perspective since it guides the observer’s gaze into a diagonal posture. This head movement emphasises the importance of the box ceiling and, on the other hand, brakes with the box’s enclosure, giving the user a true sense of all space.

Mediums Of Treatment And Therapy

Dental Clinic in Oporto / Paulo Merlini,© Joao Morgado - Architecture Photography

The user is seated in front of a plant curtain in the stomatology chamber. The goal is to create a distraction based on the movement of the leaves so that the patient can concentrate on something other than the therapy, hopefully reducing any unpleasant sensations.

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