All You Need To Know About The City Of Milan

The Italian design capital reopened the doors of selected showrooms of Milan partly after months of closing. For a series of hybrid (off- and online) events that run until April 23, 2021, the brightest lights in Italian design return to Milan.

The historic 5vie district, Isola design area, Brera District and Durini City are all part of the event on a unique design platform and the newest addition to the extra fair or Fuorisalone, the Alpha District, will take place officially in September.


The Trees Park Library (the third larger public park in town designed by architect Mario Cucinella) now houses an environmentally friendly structure of metal and wood called United For Progress that is worth a safe visit to Milan. In Piazza Piola, a meditation space with Kingyre Azumskulpturen and evocative cerry trees has been opened by the town of Teresa Pomodoro Zen Garden.

The beginning of Design City shows, previews and republishing icons showing how much we and our way of life have changed.



At the beginning of the year, Mr Ernesto Gismondi, the founder of the leading Artemide lighting brand, died. With the loss of the uncontroversial avantgarde design leader, the world’s brand emulates its technological yet ethical and sustainable approach to Funivia (cable car) designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua with its uninterrupted cable running through space, a flexible illumination system that can be fastened separately to the floor or to the ceiling by means of a mechanical device. Artificial intelligence, spatial divisions and acoustic panels can be included in its framework.


All we need is a cosy nest, a safe harbour or a home island. The Noonu sofa, designed for B & B, a company based in Como, by Antonio Citterio, is a new system with big forms and unusual geometries that provides a friendly backrest curve for a dialogue with the walls, while focusing on the room to create spectacular and dynamic islands.



As shown by the creation and experimentation of Cassina Lal, a research laboratory in collaboration with the prestigious Politecnico di Milano, last June, sustainability, well-being and technological innovation are among its guiding principles. Many lines now include all-in-one new and environmentally friendly materials, such as the whimsical, wicked and inviting sun bed in Trampoline.

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