This Is The Small House That’s Best Designed—And Made Of Hemp.

Since March, changes in our lives and working conditions have forced many of us to work in the same space. While looking for a new home is always an option, it could be more trouble than worth it in today’s immobilising market. But what if you could use environmentally friendly materials to increase the square pictures of your home. It turns out if you are prepared to do so yourself.

The Traveler is an architect-led DIY Prefabricated cabin kit created by Coexist Build, which is committed to mainstreaming hemp building. Anastasia Konopitskaia from Anastasia Konopitskaya. The cabin has sliding door panels that let you dive into nature by allowing the outside to be used as a peaceful, secluded office. On 140square feet, its lower floor has sufficient room to hold several queen size beds, and if you need a cosy guest house, a lofty area has even more potential bedding.

Hemp is the main material used in the Traveler, although hardwood carpentry, inside plate wood and cedar or onion metals may be used as potential external finishes. This fast-growing fibre plant is used as a floor, wall and ceiling insulation and is available in blocks with hempcrete or batts. Hempcrete is one of three façade options, and can be painted with chalk plaster to change colour, for those who want their Travelers to exhibit their sustainable credentials on the outside.

Although many people do not regard hemp as a building material, there are several advantages of co-existing hempcrete.

According to the marketing materials of the company, hempcrete is a fireproof, lightweight and breathable form of insulation which regulates temperature and moisture. It combines the hemp core with a hydraulic lime binder and water. It should also be noted that it’s both a carbon sequester and a zero-carbon alternative. If we look at how easy it is to use for projects like this, it is no brainer in a DIY kit.

The traveller is available for $26,900, including taxes and delivery via Coexist. In about a week, the Traveler can be built with fundamental power tools and a crew of two to six.

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