AMO creates a science fiction-themed set for Prada’s menswear show in 2022.

Prada’s 2022 Fall/Winter menswear show at Fondazione Prada, designed by AMO, was set against a backdrop of cinema seats and a runway tunnel resembling the spacecraft in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

For the Italian fashion brand’s latest show, AMO, the research arm of OMA, drew on sci-fi references to emphasise the relationship between theatre and technology.


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The studio created a “theatrical space” within a large room within the OMA-designed Fondazione Prada’s Deposito, a renovated building on the western side of the Milanese complex.

AMO creates a science fiction-themed set for Prada's menswear show in 2022.
AMO creates a science fiction-themed set for Prada’s menswear show in 2022.

The studio carpeted the main room’s floor in olive green and added rows of cinema seats sourced from another cinema at the Fondazione Prada.

“The concept of the show is a reimagining of a theatrical space; it is a familiar yet surprising stage for action,” AMO project architect Giulio Margheri explained.


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“The traditional theatre configuration with a distinct separation between stage and audience has been deconstructed, bringing guests into various areas of the room while leaving a large space for the models to walk.”

While guests entered the room via a light concrete tunnel, models entered via a metal grating tunnel illuminated by blue neon lights.

The geometric tunnel resembles the spaceship in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

AMO creates a science fiction-themed set for Prada's menswear show in 2022.
AMO creates a science fiction-themed set for Prada’s menswear show in 2022.

“The sci-fi element contrasts with the set’s overall atmosphere,” Margheri explained. “We experimented with various configurations and ultimately materialised them in the form of a tunnel that has its own spatial identity while also altering the perception of the show space.”

“The blue lights accentuate the friction between the spaces we sought and express the reference imagery we had in mind,” he added.

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Hollywood actors were enlisted to model the clothes, adding to the show’s performative nature. Theatrical spotlights followed the models as they walked through the space in a zig-zag pattern.

Ten internationally renowned actors were cast, including American actor Jeff Goldblum, best known for his role in the science fiction film Jurassic Park.

Goldblum wore an all-black ensemble from the collection, including a heavy overcoat, turtleneck sweater, and leather gloves. His appearance complemented the collection’s workwear aesthetic.

AMO creates sci-fi-themed set for Prada 2022 menswear show
AMO creates sci-fi-themed set for Prada 2022 menswear show

At the show, Kyle Maclachlan, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and Damson Idris also made appearances alongside models, presenting oversized trousers, boiler suits, and double-breasted blazers.

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AMO is frequently entrusted with designing the sets for Prada’s fashion shows. The long-standing relationship between the two stems from their respective founders, Rem Koolhaas and Miuccia Prada.

AMO installed a bright red tunnel and coordinated floating squares on a Sardinian beach last year for Prada’s Spring/Summer 2022 menswear show. In 2018, the studio used pink neon lights arranged in a strict grid structure to illuminate a Prada catwalk show.

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