Black Architects And Designers You Should Know.

To commemorate Black History Month in 2022, we asked 12 prominent black architects and designers to nominate a fellow black contemporary deserving of greater recognition.

Each established architect and designer was asked to nominate another black creative in order to promote black architecture and design. Some chose to make multiple nominations.

Black Architects And Designers You Should Know.
Black Architects And Designers You Should Know.

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Several participants used the opportunity to nominate fellow architects or designers who live in the same country and work in similar fields, with London-based Yinka Ilori nominating artists Eve de Haan and Nkwo Onwuka nominating fellow Nigerian fashion designer Emmy Kasbit.

Others chose to delve deeper into the African diaspora by nominating someone from a neighbouring African country, such as Nairobi architecture firm Cave Bureau, which nominated Doreen Adengo of Uganda.

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Eve de Haan was nominated by Yinka Ilori

Black Architects And Designers You Should Know.
Black Architects And Designers You Should Know.

If you haven’t heard of Eve de Haan yet, prepare to hear from her a lot more in the coming year. Based in London and specialising in neon, I’ve been following her work for Half a Roast Chicken for several years now – a potent combination of electric colour and charged words that offer a fresh perspective on personal storytelling.

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Eve has steadily gained attention through campaigns with Browns, Monica Vinader, and billboard projects throughout London since joining The Saatchi and The Neon Gallery, and her most recent neon exhibition, “Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk,” was a slice of pure, vibrant joy in the heart of Canary Wharf. I’m looking forward to seeing what she does next.”

Terrell Griffith: Nominated by Mitzi Okou

Black Architects And Designers You Should Know.
Black Architects And Designers You Should Know.

This is a letter of gratitude to my WATBD teammates. Terrell Griffith is an integral part of the WATBD community’s beating heart. He is a silent force that has elevated and contributed to the organization’s major milestones and impact.

“Griffith is the most considerate designer and the person I am aware of. He is a gentle spirit whose wisdom has infused WATBD products with such care and consideration.

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His practice has taught me to be more considerate and respectful of others. As a true master of his craft, he has elevated WATBD to new heights, and this community is truly blessed to have someone who genuinely cares.

“The love and passion that both of these creatives have for black creativity have elevated not only the WATBD community but also black creatives in general.”

Melissa Kacoutie : Nominated by Dominique Petit-Frère (Limbo Accra)

Black Architects And Designers You Should Know.
Black Architects And Designers You Should Know.

Melissa Kacoutie is one of Ivory Coast’s most prominent contemporary architects. In 2016, she established her own architecture firm, Jeannette Studio Architecture, in Abidjan’s Cocody neighbourhood.

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Her greatest pride comes from hiring diverse individuals from among young women who demonstrate that it is possible for women to work in a traditionally male-dominated sector in Africa.

“What I admire most about Kacoutie’s work is her attempt to reconcile traditional and raw minimalistic styles through the repetition of simple elements to create the illusion of complexity, all infused with a feminine touch.”

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