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An individual responsible for introducing architectural and Catalan modernism to the world, Antoni Gaudi was born on 25th June 1852 as the youngest of five siblings. Having a deep appreciation for art since a very early age, Gaudi would often be seen to study design and structures with an extremely imaginative mind.

A lot of his work was inspired by culture and religion. He considered every detail of his creations and integrated into his architecture such crafts as ceramic, clay, stained glass, and iron forging. His masterpiece, the still-incomplete Sagrada Familia happens to be the most visited monument in Spain.


Early Work And Collaborations

Post his graduation, Gaudi worked on designing lampposts, pharmacies, and newsstands. Back in the day, such public commodities held tremendous value and pedigree since it was a major source of income for many and he capitalized on it as a creator. He also gained wider recognition and went on to create the Barcelona city council or the Casa Velvet, and a residential place for Manuel Montaner. This helped him establish himself as an architect of the highest order, and his fame spread wider than the boundaries of Catalan. 

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Legacy Of An Artist

Today, Gaudí’s global fame as a designer is tremendous, and seven of his buildings in Barcelona are listed as world heritage sites. An unfinished building that went through a tremendous number of structural experimentation, recombinations, and changes before finally being executed was the church at Eusebi Güell’s model textile village. For this building, Gaudi researched and made an innovative architectural projection device, a large poly funnel model constructed using fabric, cord, and small weights. The model enabled him to deduce architectural forms dictated by the static behavior of the building. He used the same model in the construction of Sagrada Família.


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