Ascent Building

Ascent is a new style of building that signifies the transition and urbanisation of Singapore Science Park 1. It is located in the heart of Singapore’s fast rising technological zone. The structure is the first part of Studio Woodroffe Papa’s revitalization plan for the research park, and its design responds to shifting tendencies in the innovation and information economy.

Architecture, Landscape And Circulation

Ascent Building / Studio Woodroffe Papa,© Jan Bitter

Companies in this talent-driven industry are progressively requiring less overall area but more diverse and sophisticated networking opportunities. They demand that buildings be more adaptable, resilient, and sustainable, with more open space, and that offices be more dynamic and ‘experiential,’ with events-based lifestyle activities that prioritise well-being and cooperation.

With their inward-looking workstations, hostile street surroundings, and isolated buildings, the existing context reflects an older generation of technology parks. Ascent rejects this model in favour of a concept known as’spatial clustering,’ in which architecture, landscape, and circulation are combined to create a system of interconnected indoor and outdoor networking environments – an ideal human-centric, social setting that encourages cross-pollination and synergies between working, playing, and learning.

The Lobby And Lifestyle Amenities

Ascent Building / Studio Woodroffe Papa,© Jan Bitter

The project’s ‘thickened ground’ incorporates double-height lobby sections, club spaces, exhibition and event spaces, co-working spaces, stores, restaurants, a creche, and a pharmacy, all situated within a series of courts and gardens. Studio Woodroffe Papa was able to move the drop-off and service areas to the back of the site and position the building closer to the street to establish a more active, urban presence by convincing the client to rethink the traditional arrangement of drop-off and arrivals that typically separates the building from the street.

The building’s façade, which is made up of glass and folded and flat aluminium panels, provides a distinctive pattern that changes depending on the time of day. The architectural expression distinguishes between the shadowed privacy of the offices and the welcoming/engaging features of the lobby and lifestyle amenities, highlighting the building’s functional versatility. Following its completion, Ascent received a Green Mark Platinum Award, Singapore’s Building Construction Authority’s (BCA) highest honour for a “green building” for its environmental design and performance. To generate electricity, reduce solar gain, and improve energy efficiency, the building uses Building-integrated Photovoltaic Technology (BIPV) on the exterior.

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