Countries That Destroy Their Past Also Destroy Their Future

One of the first houses built in the United States by Hungarian-American architect Breuer was “demolished in the dead of night” to make way for a tennis court.

According to the preservation society Docomomo, the home in the village of Lawrence, Long Island, was demolished on January 25, 1903.


“They could have taken it apart and donated it to a design school.”

Countries That Destroy Their Past Also Destroy Their Future

Countries That Destroy Their Past Also Destroy Their Future

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The readership is divided. Nicholas Tesdorf observed. “Countries that obliterate their past also obliterate their future.” “This is even more true for architecture than for the majority of other categories.”

“I’m curious as to what the owners were thinking when they purchased the house,” Leo continued. “‘Shall we demolish a unique piece of architecture in order to build a tennis court because there is no other suitable location for our tennis court?'”


“They could have dismantled it and given it away for free to a design school to reassemble,” Tom continued.

ElephantInTheRoom took a contrary position: “While this house is historically significant, it is not one of the best examples of Brueuer’s work.” And it is unattractive. Apologies for stating the obvious.

Due to the fact that it was not historically protected when the current owners purchased it, they have the right to demolish it. Have you ever heard of the term “private property rights”? “

A commenter believes that making bee bricks a planning requirement is “far too long overdue.”

Countries That Destroy Their Past Also Destroy Their Future

Countries That Destroy Their Past Also Destroy Their Future

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The English city of Brighton and Hove has enacted a planning law requiring new buildings to incorporate special bricks that act as nests for solitary bees. Readers are ecstatic.

“Man, this seems aeons overdue,” Steve Hassler observed. “What other simple solutions should we incorporate into our lives to foster a greater sense of community?”

“We should also consider planting more wildflowers rather than exotic flowers,” Zea Newland responded. “Wildflowers are more accessible to bees than ‘traditionally pretty’ flowers, which require a lot of work but provide little benefit to bees.”

“This legislation can only be beneficial,” comments Please conclude “These small steps can add up to make a significant difference over time. We must begin to be optimistic about any attempt to assist nature. After all, we are also a part of nature. “

A reader describes the prohibition of automobiles in Berlin’s central business district as a “fantastic idea.”

Commenters expressed support for a campaign group called Berlin Autofrei, which has proposed legislation to restrict private car use on Berlin’s Ringbahn train line.

“A fantastic idea,” Ken Steffes said, “and one that now needs to be implemented in many more cities throughout the world.”

Countries That Destroy Their Past Also Destroy Their Future

Countries That Destroy Their Past Also Destroy Their Future

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Paul Horton went on: “This will eventually have to become the norm everywhere.” Certain individuals are simply ahead of the curve! I sincerely hope it is implemented.

“Berlin is already a pretty good city for cycling,” Ian Byrne responded. It’s reasonably flat, and public transportation is reasonably good, so it probably does require some coercion in addition to carrots to significantly reduce car use. It’s difficult to say whether a near-complete prohibition is the best course of action. “

A commenter criticises Heatherwick Studio’s proposal as a “complete waste of resources.”

The Leaf, a multi-level pier proposed by Heatherwick Studio for a site on the Han River near Seoul’s Olympic stadium, is being discussed by readers.

“Yes, let us pour tonnes of concrete into the ocean and call it something whimsical,” Sharad Majumdar agreed. “What a complete waste of resources.”

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