David Adjaye Wins The First CDA-Le Prix Charlotte Perriand

David Adjaye, a British-Ghanaian architect, has been named the inaugural winner of the Créateurs Design Association & Awards’ Le Prix Charlotte Perriand.

David Adjaye Wins The First CDA-Le Prix Charlotte Perriand

David Adjaye Wins The First CDA-Le Prix Charlotte Perriand

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Adjaye was given the prize because his buildings are “beyond city landmarks,” which is why he won.

Over 200 members of the Créateurs Design Association & Awards (CDA) from 40 different countries chose the Adjaye Associates founder as the winner. The goal of the peer-to-peer awards programme is to show off great work in the fields of interior design, product design, and architecture.


“It is fair to say that Sir David Adjaye’s creations transcend the status of city landmarks; his structures speak to the communities in which they are located,” CDA co-founder Yuri Xavier observed.

“They are telling stories on the grandest scale, a dialogue of texture, shapes, and forms that connect with people emotionally – regardless of their background or upbringing,” Xavier said.


The award recognises “extraordinary artistic vision.”

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David Adjaye Wins The First CDA-Le Prix Charlotte Perriand

David Adjaye Wins The First CDA-Le Prix Charlotte Perriand

The CDA established Le Prix Charlotte Perriand, or the Charlotte Perriand Award, in 2022. It is named in honour of Charlotte Perriand, a French modernist architect and designer.

According to the CDA, this is the first time Perriand’s family has consented to her name being used for purposes other than her own work.

The award will be given annually to living creatives who are recognised industry leaders and share Perriand’s “vision and commitment to architecture, design, and art.”

Xavier explained: “We wanted to create an award that recognises individuals who are pioneering innovation and establishing their own legacies at whatever stage of their careers they are currently in.”

“It’s about honouring artists with exceptional artistic vision,” he continued. “Le Prix Charlotte Perriand will be presented to an individual or organisation that is reshaping the world of design. Someone who is willing to take risks in the pursuit of novel ideas. “

Perriand facilitated “civilisation’s flourishing.”

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Adjaye is widely regarded as the leading architect of the twenty-first century. In 2017, he was knighted for his architecture, and in 2021, he became the first black recipient of the Royal Institute of British Architects Royal Gold Medal.

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, the Sugar Hill housing project, the Steven Lawrence Center, and the 130 William skyscraper are some of his best-known projects.

When reflecting on the Le Prix Charlotte Perriand, Perriand saw the role of designers as enabling “human civilisation to thrive” when reflecting on Le Prix Charlotte Perriand.

David Adjaye Wins The First CDA-Le Prix Charlotte Perriand

David Adjaye Wins The First CDA-Le Prix Charlotte Perriand

Adjaye said that she was “really expansive in her thinking about what the profession could be and understood the responsibility of designers to make the twenty-first century as beautiful, empowering, and edifying as possible for people of all races.”

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Her furniture designs from the 1950s and collaborations with other modernist designers Le Corbusier and Jean Prouvé are what people know her for. Perriand died in 1999.

For an exhibition at London’s Design Museum, Justin McGuirk shared his top five picks in a roundup. Her work was recently shown there.

The CDA award programme honours individuals who have made significant contributions to architecture, interior design, product design, journalism, curation, and photography. This is a common misunderstanding.

It will give out its Le Prix Charlotte Perriand prize once a year at its annual gala in Paris, along with other awards, like the Andrée Putman Lifetime Achievement Award that Iris Apfel received this year.

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