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Studio Stirling creates luxury hand made swing seats, hammocks, loungers and daybeds which may be used on any patio, porch, or garden space both indoors and outdoors. Joanina Stirling, the owner and designer of Studio Stirlings, takes inspiration from the renowned chairs and daybeds of the company from nature. The core framework is standard, ensuring consistency in form and comfort in each daybed or chair. Due to the variations of craftsmanship in every chair, every piece is individual and original in some of the complexity of the pattern.

These chairs are of mild steel and have high durability; steel is available in wet, salty coastal environments with high moisture. They are treated as a car’s chassis is treated for rust resistance for corrosion. It is available on a stand or as a swing seat, including all required components.



The Melon Lounger is inspired with a hammock, but due to its rigid frame it does not fold in and makes it extremely convenient. It is natural and recalls a slice of melon. It is natural. It has plenty to spread and it is spacious and comfortable. For two people, it’s best if they’re face to face. The skin structure and its natural texture, such as venous patterns, intersecting trees, dragonfly wing patterns, and crackled earth, affect the complexity of the pattern. The texture of the melon skin and natural textures.

The chair has been designed for comfort and comfort. It is perfect to relax, read a book, or just relax. Details


It can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Weight: 61.7 pounds / 28 kg.

A variety of covers to complete their bedding style are available at Studio Stirling.


Black, White, Powder-coated, Grey medium, Black, Blue, Red, Gold, Grey medium, Green Black, White, Silver, Black, Light Gray, Gray medium, Green, Rose, Blue, Redeem, Gold, Silver, Silver, Gold, Silver, Silver, Silver, Silver, Gold, Silver, Silver, Silver, Silver, Silver, Silver, Silver, Silver, Silver, Gold, Silver, Silver, Silver, Silver, Gold…

One finish is Ferrograin, which has a sensual feeling that is smooth and smooth indoors.

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