Design Insights From Ahmedabad Homes Exuding Timeless Elegance.


A design must feel both current and timeless in order to be considered timeless. It should exude effortless elegance while striking a balance between functionality and style. We’ve gathered design elements from Ahmedabad homes that deliver on every level. You can use one or more of these suggestions to build a home that will last forever.

1. Wooden beams in the ceiling

The exposed wooden beams added to the living room ceiling by KSUP Studio are not only eye-catching but also add a rustic touch to the contemporary style. The wooden beams can dresh even the basic ceilings, add warmth and charm for every home, as shown here by the Design Box.


2. Studio Grid Divisions

A glass panel metal grid divider is a smart pattern technique to demarcate regions in an open design less obviously than, for example, solid walls or partitions.

The glass grid by the design studio of Patel-Vadodaria (PVDRS) enables unhindered visual flow in the glass-and-wood grid, while the grid design gives a functional design the stylistic aspect necessary.


3. Fierce coloured patterns

Contrary to popular belief, the world of interior design attracts opposites. In this dining room, Ignitus Architectural Studio uses cobalt blue and canary yellow to create drama and depth.

Design Box transforms this living room into a gem box that reflects the distinctive personalities of the owners with vibrant blues and pinks. The contrasting colours contribute to the traditional yet modern look of the house.

The original IPS (Indian patent stone) treatment is used by SPASM Design Architects on the wall of the bedroom here; the concrete wall is unmistakable edgy and provides a perfect base for the walled-down bed.

4. Accents for Indians

Flair and interest add to traditional elements integrated into contemporary decor. S A K Designs turns a URL into a laundry area in a modern bathroom. As an ode to Ahmedabad’s well-known textile industry, a doorknob of a wooden hand-printing block was created by the Patel-Vadodaria Design Research Studio (PVDRS).

6. Brick walls exposed

Brick walls are adaptable and can be used in modern, ethnic or industrial environments. In this living area, Manisha Shodhan Basu and Associates use classic red brick for minimalistic and rustic aesthetics, bold and characteristic.

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