How To Construct A House That Does Not Pollute The Environment

Plastic waste, air pollution, global warming, and other environmental problems are deteriorating rapidly. As such, a proactive role in building a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly home is crucial for every single individual. Simple changes can improve the energy efficiency and efficiency of your home and reduce its carbon footprint. This is a guide to a more eco-friendly home and lifestyle.

1. Allow natural light into the room and fan as much as possible.

To allow as much natural light as possible Open your windows and curtains as every day as possible. You can therefore save money on electricity by keeping your home naturally illuminated all day long.


Make it a way to fan your home and let the breeze in, helping to replace stale air with fresh air, avoid hazardous chemical accumulation and reduce pollutants indoors.

2. Choose low VOC colours.

Use only odourless, plumbed paints on walls and ceilings with low VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Paints with high VOC levels emit toxic fumes that have been dangerous to your health for a long time.


3. Use environmentally friendly materials for building.

Use natural and renewable materials (bricks, terracotta, bamboo, tree forest) and other environmentally friendly materials (from fast-growing trees planted specifically for this purpose).

Choose from organic bed linen, taping, curtains, mattresses and home towels. Choose natural plant or animal fibres such as cotton, linen or wool rather than synthetic textiles such as nylon or polyester.


4. Efficient energy utilisation

Replace incandescent bulbs with compact, less powerful and longer-lasting fluorescent lights (CFLs) or light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

Check to see whether all your appliances use less energy and are energy efficient.

Unplug and not leave all electronic devices on standby. This prevents devices from using electricity unless they are being used.

Consider installing double glazed windows to avoid heat coming in, leading to higher cooling charges and higher air conditioning charges. Wrap the weather around the windows to keep the elements out.

A concrete roof absorbs a great deal of heat, then it is moved to the underlying floor. Choose roof covers that reflect the sun’s heat away from the structure.

5. Include in a mix certain indoor plants.

Add plants shown to clean the atmosphere and reduce indoor pollutants like spider plants, rubber crops and palm trees.

Build your own green patch on a patio or balcony or even cultivate your own food.

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