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Non-Sustainable Urbanism

“Urbanism” is the study of how humans live together and interact in cities, or in any form of human settlement. These interactions can include professional practitioners such as Architects, Urban Designers or just normal people. Urbanism directly or indirectly is affected by Urbanization in a massive way. Urbanization is a process where populations move from rural to urban area. It enables cities and towns to grow in density. People from different towns with different thinking, different ways of their natural lifestyles interact differently with cities especially in a country like India with such diversity in culture but the main aim is the opportunity to grow financially.

What’s Sustainability?

Sustainability is a notion of common interest for professionals like Architects, Planners and Urbanists. Sustainable Urbanism is rooted in study of sustainability and urban design in a rapidly urbanizing world. The term has made an incline towards one character of the city, which is economy almost neglecting the social and cultural character of the city which makes it questionable to even practice. Through this research, Sustainable Urbanism will be scrutinized in urban context whether it is actually Sustainable Urbanism or Non-sustainable Urbanism.

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The concept of sustainable development in Brundtland report of 1987 mentions, Meeting essential needs requires not only a new era of economic growth for nations in which the majority are poor, but an assurance that the poor get their fair share of the resources required to sustain that growth. Almost every part of the world had gone through massive urbanization from 1960s to 1980’s.

Factors Involved

Urban settlement has turned out to be the most common type of human settlement with increasing number of people. The major characters that define an urban area are social, economic and environmental. With so many cities around the world there are so many options to understand that every city or to the scale of urban area should be designed with equity in characters also. Balance maintained in  economical and environmental character is what an urban area should be made of. If this notion of balanced nature of characters in urban area is to be considered as Non-Sustainable Urbanism then the cities should be Non-Sustainable.


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