Massproductions’ 4 PM Chaise Longue

Swedish brand Massproductions is showcasing a lounge chair made of laminated wood that provides comfort without the need for upholstery as part of Stockholm Design Week 2022.

Massproductions' 4 PM Chaise Longue
Massproductions’ 4 PM Chaise Longue

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The 4 PM chaise longue is available in two wood finishes a warm-toned Douglas fir and a slightly darker cherry wood, as well as a self-build version inspired by the work of Italian designer Enzo Mari.

“The chaise is made up of curved and flat parts,” Massproductions said. “It has been made to be as comfortable as possible.”

From above, the profile of 4 PM tapers towards the footrest, allowing for comfortable footfall on both sides—which also simplifies entry and exit.”

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The chaise longue features a raised footrest that doubles as a seat or side table, while the chaise longue’s only cushioning comes from an adjustable headrest.

Massproductions' 4 PM Chaise Longue
Massproductions’ 4 PM Chaise Longue

Autoprogettazione, a collection of self-assembly furniture by Enzo Mari, is still one of the most important.

Massproductions has also released instructions and drawings for making a simplified version of the design from scratch with common hardware store materials.

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“You may not be able to afford 4 PM,” said Chris Martin, the brand’s chief designer. However, with the right instructions, you can make your own and enjoy the luxury of a chaise longue without paying the luxury price.

The product was launched as part of a scaled-down version of Stockholm Design Week, which runs until February 13, 2022, in venues across the Swedish capital, before returning in September to coincide with the postponed Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.

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