MG Coudelaria Stud Farm By Visioarq Arquitectos

The abundance of nature in Minho served as a structural axis for the conceptual development of these stables. The project, set in a traditional Minho property, is distinguished by a significant natural component in a region where natural and human-induced vegetation is visually dominant. Visioarq’s involvement in this setting was based on the framing of the new building with the surrounding environment. The major material utilised was natural pine wood, which was a natural choice not only for the outside and interior coverings, but also for the framework of the structures to be built.

Natural Elements, Ventilation And Desired Functionality

MG Coudelaria Stud Farm / Visioarq Arquitectos,© Maria João Gala

Everything else develops from the structural features, which are clearly the building’s protagonists. The skeleton is the foundation of the shape, with everything else being secondary. With this hierarchy, it is hoped that the natural elements will retain their prominence and importance over time, incorporating and integrating the proposed structure more and more. The use of wood on the façade and spans, with more or fewer apertures, provided crucial functional control over natural lighting and ventilation, ensuring the necessary comfort in this space.

All of the hardware and accessories to be designed specifically for these riding arenas, materialising the simplicity and desired functionality for space with its very distinct identity, where contact with the protagonists of the equestrian world is made in a markedly sensory way, have not been forgotten.

Stables And The Covered Riding Arena

MG Coudelaria Stud Farm / Visioarq Arquitectos,© Maria João Gala

To reduce the impact of each built structure on the environment as much as possible, two distinct structures were designed in functional terms that, while physically and aesthetically isolated, are functionally extremely similar. The Stables and the Covered Riding Arena, on the one hand, and the Electric Guide and the Outdoor Riding Arena, on the other hand, are both complimented by an Electric Guide and an Outdoor Riding Arena. As the property is covered, this fragmentation solution was designed to allow each unit to be discovered one by one and at different times, heightening the sense of surprise by creating numerous separate moments.

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