Moliving Is Set To Open The Hudson Valley’s First “Nomad Hotel.”

The Hurley House hotel in upstate New York will be comprised of prefabricated and movable hospitality pods from US startup Moliving.

Moliving is a portmanteau of “more” and “living.” The company is based in New York and offers movable pods containing hotel rooms.

Moliving is set to open the Hudson Valley's first "nomad hotel."
Moliving is set to open the Hudson Valley’s first “nomad hotel.”

The pods, which Moliving describes as the “world’s first nomadic hotel concept,” were designed in-house by a team led by architect Steven Chen and Hanna Bem, Moliving’s chief operating officer.

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The pods are built in a controlled environment and then transported to the hotel property. They are intended to coexist with permanent structures that house guest services like food and beverage.

If the hotel’s room requirements change, the pods can be relocated “without leaving a trace,” the company claims.


Moliving enables landowners and hoteliers to construct hotels in months, rather than years, at a fraction of the cost of a conventional hotel, the company stated.

Moliving is set to open the Hudson Valley's first "nomad hotel."
Moliving is set to open the Hudson Valley’s first “nomad hotel.”

“With mobility in mind, Moliving’s mission is to democratise the hotel industry by enabling landowners to invest more efficiently and scalable in their property as a hospitality destination.”

Hurely House, the first property, is scheduled to open this spring on a 55-acre (22-hectare) site in Hurley, New York. This fall saw the completion of a model unit, and the hotel as a whole will feature 60 pods.

The property is a joint venture between Moliving, which owns the units and will operate the hotel, and Arizona Investissements, a Luxembourg-based company that owns the land.

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The pods are being built by SG Blocks, a modular fabricator based in Brooklyn.

Each rectangular unit measures 45 feet (14 metres) in length and contains approximately 400 square feet (37 square metres). Additionally, the unit features two 120-square-foot decks on the front and rear (11 square metres).

The units can be used independently or in groups. They have slightly pitched roofs and can be clad in a variety of materials depending on their location. The Hurley House pods are completely encased in reclaimed wood.

The pods can be customised to fit the chosen location by utilising innovative panelling systems, the team explained.

On the inside, there are distinct areas for living, sleeping, and working. The built-in king-size bed in the cabin can be converted into two twin beds.

Each pod is equipped with a full bathroom but not with a kitchen.

Moliving is set to open the Hudson Valley's first "nomad hotel."
Moliving is set to open the Hudson Valley’s first “nomad hotel.”

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The team placed a premium on bringing the daylight into the building.

Floor-to-ceiling and transom windows, as well as an oversized skylight in the spa-inspired bathroom, allow guests to take in the views, the team explained.

Each unit includes a smart television, a wireless speaker, USB ports, a safe, a private bar, and electronic shades. A UV sanitisation station and a tablet control system are among the high-tech components.

“Moliving is also developing a mobile application that will enable all unit guests to manage all front-and back-of-house lodging functions, from check-in to requests for additional pillows,” the team explained.

Cabins can be connected to public utilities or run independently.

Moliving is set to open the Hudson Valley's first "nomad hotel."
Moliving is set to open the Hudson Valley’s first “nomad hotel.”

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Solar panels on the roof generate energy that is then stored in a lithium battery. Each unit, the team explained, has its own water recycling system.

“Each Moliving unit is completely self-contained and can be set up “off the grid” or connected to the host property in a matter of minutes,” the team explained.

The company is seeking partners in popular American destinations such as Vail, Colorado, and Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Apart from the United States, the company is interested in countries such as France, Italy, and Spain.

Moliving is particularly interested in seasonal destinations with fluctuating hotel occupancy rates.

By focusing on mobility, Moliving can forecast seasonal demand and adjust room inventory in real-time to meet demand, the company stated.

Among other prefabricated dwellings for hospitality use is a rentable micro cabin in a Swedish forest by Danish retailer Vipp.

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