Narayantala Thakurdalan By Abin Design Studio

Narayantala Thakurdalan is a traditional Indian name for Narayantala Thakurdalan. In Bansberia, Abin Design Studio is a concrete Hindu temple with a glass corner that faces the street. To form a screen wall around part of the shrine, precast concrete jaalis or lattices, are placed. Through a large door on one side, the column-free space provides for unrestricted access for worship and during festivities. When all of the glass doors are opened, the entire external corner may be opened up, transforming the interior and plinth into a bigger gathering area.

Interiors And Details In Narayantala Thakurdalan

Abin Design Studio creates latticed concrete and glass temple in India

When Abin Design Studio was requested to redesign the existing thakur dalan, it was working on a residential project called Wall House next door on this busy junction. This covered courtyard, which is adjacent to the house but open to the public, hosts religious ceremonies in the area. The shrine’s porous exterior allows passers-by to have a visual connection with it while still providing a dedicated space for daily worship at a safe distance from the busy crossing. The temple can handle a large audience on busy days and holidays due to the wide doorway.

Cultural References And Importance

Abin Design Studio creates latticed concrete and glass temple in India

The concrete bocks were cast by local artisans according to specifications. The construction of Narayantala Thakurdalan took six months, and it was completed in time for the annual Durga Puja, a ten-day festival honouring the goddess of protection. “While the end result was warmly received by the community,” the studio added, “it must be mentioned that some input was received where it was thought that the prior structure, having had a long-term relationship with the members, seemed more ‘at home’ than the new one.”

Abin Chaudhuri created Abin Design Studio in 2005. The studio’s most recent project, Wall House, has been nominated for the 2019 Dezeen Awards. A stepped Hindu temple composed of black limestone in Andhra Pradesh and a top-heavy concrete Buddhist temple in Tokyo are examples of temple design.

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