OPNNG Bar: Seog Be Seog’s Korean Aesthetic Culture

The OPNNG bar is a place where culture and taste is taken seriously. The quest of beauty, we feel, is the core of design. Even when the design object is a place, the essence stays the same. Each project, however, has its own set of beauty standards. The goal could be to get dazzling results, but it could also be to make something within those results shine. This endeavour began with the latter goal in mind. We determined that the solid background in the rear row of everything linked to space would be space itself.

Design And Essence Of The OPNNG Bar

OPNNG Bar / By Seog Be Seog | ArchDaily

Artists that are leading Korean art in the present period have artworks on display at OPNNG. The statement “If you enjoy wine in the gallery” deconstructs the space’s structure and atmosphere. For the artworks, the structure of the space had to be simplified, and the image of the materials and lighting that have a significant impact on the ambiance of the space were also chosen as reference points. As a result, it appears that the bar’s original function and the ambiguous image of the gallery were at odds, while also seeming to infuse the air with a faint and somewhat frightening ambience.

On the surface, OPNNG appears to be a wine-serving establishment. And, if you look about it carefully, the establishment has an identity that extends beyond its obvious function as a bar. OPNNG is for profound and long-term creativity, not for the quick gratification and disposables that we see all around us. In other words, it’s a place where people can share their good tastes and enjoy them together. This is why the main drink is wine, and why the place is littered with artworks created with heart and spirit by the artists. Furniture and lighting, which have long been popular with the public, are also in harmony, and sound and taste add to the honesty of the area.

Structure And Architecture Of The Bar

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Most of the protagonists in the spaces that were designed were the space’s users. We were hoping to see the results of the space design just behind this. We believed that the OPNNG space could support anything connected to the bar. Also, the space must have just the perfect amount of atmosphere, neither too much nor too little, so that the items that are filling the area are not overshadowed.

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