Triangle Scape By Un Sang Dong Architects

The Triangle Scape is a structure that reflects the qualities of the area between the Myeonmok-dong market and the residential neighbourhood, connecting the alley market’s merchant community space with local inhabitants. The Myeonmok-dong alley market community is a shared structure for local markets and market merchants in the adjacent residential districts, with the goal of creating a tiny community with intimacy and individuality for a small multifunctional space and a place to rest in the market’s busy daily life.

Features And Facilities Available At The Triangle Scape

Triangle Scape / UnSangDong Architects | ArchDaily

Local merchants and people can use the first and second floors as open places. Customer service facilities, cafes, restrooms, and multipurpose rooms are planned, while the third and fourth floors will be used exclusively by retailers, and the rooftop will serve as a rest area for merchants and local residents. The small-scale community is disadvantaged in terms of flexibility and utility in a closed construction, thus a gradual and connected interaction was sought while ensuring appropriate openness with the internal stairs.

Symbolism Of The Computational Facade

Triangle Scape / UnSangDong Architects | ArchDaily

With legal diagonal limits, the architectural mass was conceived as a triangle. Through modifications and adjustments of the triangle, which is the design basis of the architectural mass, with a new elevation pattern, the outside shell enclosing the mass was designed to meet difficulties of privacy, lighting, and illumination, as well as other conditions toward the outside. The triangular dramatic and compositional facade represents the alley market’s hectic daily activity and dynamic market qualities while also providing a pleasant and cheerful landscape expression.

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