Parlour 19 Jewel Shop

There used to be a lot of entertainment spaces and private clubs around West Lake in Hangzhou; however, with the development of counter-urbanization, some of them have been renovated and reopened. The most difficult challenge in this project was balancing commerce and the excellent natural location. In French, parlour means “living room.” The Client has a professional background in jewellery design; she wants the space to feel more like a living room than a typical shop, with a function that allows for flexible display of specific jewellery pieces.

The Plan And The Main Social Space

Parlor19 Jewelry Shop / say architects,© Minjie Wang

We had a thorough understanding of the jewellery brands presented by the client at the start of the design. Each piece of jewellery, with its distinct shape, texture, and way of wearing, reflects the wearer’s unique personality. They are the users of the space, so Say uses this opportunity to personify the jewellery. In the space, Say designed a three-level living room: the outer hall, the middle room, and the inner chamber.

The plan was made up of two circles and one rectangle, with the centres of the circles aligned in the centre of the space, resulting in a symmetrical design. The courtyard landscape was created with French pine, benches, and bushes, creating a welcoming environment for visitors to stay, talk, and relax. The courtyard’s axle was rotated by 30 degrees, leading to the storefront window, and then into the Parlor. The Parlor was designed with tables, chairs, shelves, and a fireplace because it was the main social space. People were replaced by jewellery as the owner of the space.

Creating An Intimate And Private Atmosphere

Parlor19 Jewelry Shop / say architects,© Minjie Wang

The opening in the parlor’s centre led to the Chamber, the final space of the tri-layer design. The chamber, inspired by Palladio’s Villa Rotunda, is built with eggshell sandstone and has a reflective ceiling and floor. It serves as a spatial hub, not only hiding the shear wall but also connecting the counter, warehouse, restroom, and fitting room. The Chamber space is a serene and elegant way to end the route, and we hope it creates an intimate and private atmosphere.

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