Reef Store By Say Group Of Architects

Reef was inspired by the three owners’ vision of a barbershop space. They wanted to emphasise the social aspects of a barbershop while also allowing the space to promote the correlation and penetration of different functions between the interior and exterior, so that barbering is no longer the purpose of a hairdressing space but rather a choice of multiple behaviours in the space. Say began to imagine the reef based on this concept. Reef, in reality, is a rocky or calcareous coral accumulation formed over time by the accumulation of coral worm skeletons, and is the result of organic growth. Say wants Reef to reflect this organic growth as a barber collection space, with the interior and exterior spaces flowing within and outside the reef, forming a strong permeable relationship.

Two Main Facades And The Corner Of Lakeside Apartments

Reef Store / say architects,© Hao Chen

The site is located on General Road at the corner of Lakeside Apartments, and it has two main facades. Say began with the concept of constructing a stone column on the entrance side, formed by the interlocking of various stones, from which the entire Reef is formed. This column was also the first component to be positioned and placed on-site during construction, and the entire construction process is the process of Reef’s growth.

Reef begins with the stone column, which serves as the origin, and the entire space is set in a 300*300 grid system, beginning with the façade, with all separations and elements in the space positioned within the grid system. Reef’s three main spaces are hidden behind the grid system: the men’s barbershop, the women’s salon, and the coffee shop. The coffee area connects the salon on the second floor with the salon on the first floor.

Sand-Blasted Glass And The Coffee Area

Reef Store / say architects,© Hao Chen

The massive grid facade is raised by 2.1m on stone columns, creating a dramatic volume contrast, while the metal grid of the facade extends to the other side of the building facade, where there are no columns to support it, and the entire grid system appears to hover lightly on the outside of the building. The blue metal grid is filled with sand-blasted glass, and the interior light becomes blurred and soft through the glass above 2.1m, while the interior space can be seen directly through the windows below 2.1m.

When you enter Reef, the first floor is dedicated to coffee, barbering, and some service storage space. The coffee area is two stories high, and the façade, which is depressed to 2.1m, emphasises the coffee area’s spatial scale. Guests enter the coffee area from beneath the façade grid system, bringing the coffee area’s comfortable spatial experience to the fore. At the same time, the outdoor space appears to naturally penetrate the interior through the façade, and this point-to-point approach separates the indoor and outdoor areas. The entrance is a white pivot door with a 2400*2900 white pivot door handle and an orange irregular prototype door handle that reinforces the idea of an organic and natural space.

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