Pierre Jeanneret And Other Vintage Products Are Sold In This Indian Firm.


Pooranawalla, a vintage furnishing online store with classic designs by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret has been created by long-standing antique merchants Moorthys. The two explain how the way antique furniture is collected, repaired, and above all enjoyed is an art form that must be safeguarded.

A Long Expert History

The workshop in Moorthy’s Tardeo neighbourhood is hidden as humble as it should be in Mumbai’s tight alley. It operates by Moorthy and his wife Jacinta, and for almost four decades Moorthy has been a famous antiquity trader in Mumbai.


Art object (art object)

One of the few restaurateurs of ancient meubles in the country, The Moorthys have established themselves. Pooranawalla, which sells vintage and antique goods, was recently started by the pair. A section was changed into two autonomous showrooms at the farther end of the workshop, offering a wide range of styles and eras in a rich and intimate ambiance.

Le Corbusier cane chairs sit before a fluffy teakwood table in the shape of the piano, whereas the French cane chair sits near a colonial mahogany planter in the colonial period. Each artifact must be protected and preserved as a piece of history.


The Start

Mostly via trial and error, Moorthy accomplished restructuring. He used to look at carpenters in his house when he was younger and over time he might employ similar approaches in antique repairs. He argues that Amin Jaffer’s Furniture is the best of the few works written about Indian furniture. “The remainder, however, is taught through trial and mistake.”

Various Thought Schools

Three schools of thinking exist when it comes to restoration. You believe in restoring the artwork to its previous brilliance and making it look new. Then there are the so-called “hard-core collectors,” as Moorthy says, who like every stain and every crack, as they think that this adds to the work’s history. The third group, Moorthy included, believes that the two can compromise.

The Divine is in the details.

The difference between repair and restoration is that the latter requires the same materials as before. Where a piece of wood has gone round and cannot be restored, the same sort of wood is essential to replace it. A separated element like a wear-out drawer can be reinforced without removing the original part by using an extra component. Untouched can be invisible parts, such as the drawers inside or the cabinet tops, to give merchants a sense of the ancience of the piece, which “the hard-core collectors” prefer.

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