This $700 Million Nuclear-Powered Yacht Is Longer Than The Titanic.


With 22 cutting-edge laboratories and 13-story “science” a nuclear-powered Giga yacht longer than the Titanic can sound as a floating headquarters of a criminal master intelligent person. The Earth 300 is a revolutionary exploration vessel for research into climate change and other global problems, on the other hand. The 300-meter-high, drastically aerodynamic-like ship designed by Iván Salas Jefferson, founder of Iddes Yachts.

Such an audacious vision is unchecked, with the ship currently being built by Polish naval design company NED at the cost of $500-700 million. Top climate scientists will use advanced technology from the ship to explore new answers to look like the earth in the orb’s ‘science city.’


“It was a design that we wanted to build and inspire,” said Salas Jefferson in a statement. “We want them inspired to preserve the Earth when people look at the sphere. We want everyone to be inspired to be global solutions alchemists as they move into the area which currently houses the science city and feel the action of all ongoing scientific research.”

The sleek ship is about 150 feet wide—almost the length of a football court—with its impressive bow observation deck, a front deck helipad to and from the ship and a selection of innovative deep sea exploration underwater adventure vehicles.


Earth 300 CEO Aaron Olivera said: ‘The ship has characteristical features found on cruising, expedition, researching and luxury boats. The team said, “It is our intention to build a global Olympic torch to broaden our understanding of the universe above the ocean and below the sea.”

Supporting projects include the International Maritime Safety Manager, IBM, Triton Submarines, EYOS Expeditions and RINA. TerraPower, a nuclear innovation enterprise established by Bill Gates, has developed technology to produce electricity from zero emissions for the onboard molten salt reactor.

The Earth 300 will start in 2025 with 160 scientists, 165 crew members and dozens of residential experts and student scientists from a variety of disciplines.

40 VIP spots, each costing $3 million, will also be available.

Salas Jefferson told Architectural Digest: “The oceans are vanishing.” “I have had a first-hand experience of the Mediterranean when I was born in Palma de Mallorca. It’s time to reset, reconnect and reverse our planet’s destiny. The Earth 300 aims to preserve and preserve our seas’ health for future generations.” Our oceans keep us — and our planet — alive. Although space travel is possible for the future, Salas Jefferson believes, “The earth is today our only home.”

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