Some People Think Adidas’ Floating Tennis Court Is A Joke.

This week’s comments update features readers discussing their confusion over Adidas and Parley for the Oceans’ decision to float a recycled-plastic tennis court within the Great Barrier Reef, as well as other top stories.
Adidas and environmental organisation Parley for the Oceans have collaborated to build a floating tennis court to promote Adidas’ new recycled plastic apparel collection.

Adidas launches floating tennis court in Great Barrier Reef

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The vibrant collection of clothing was launched to coincide with the Australian Open tennis tournament, which is currently taking place in Melbourne. It is the brand’s latest collaboration with Parley for the Oceans.
“Stupid public relations stunt”

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The reader is not sold. “Absurd publicity stunt,” Apsco Radiales stated.
“This will alleviate the ocean’s devastating lack of tennis balls,” Jam joked.
“Nothing says environmental stewardship like introducing a piece of floating plastic into an already vulnerable ecosystem,” Goods agreed.

adidas Floating Tennis Court Hits Great Barrier Reef | Man of Many
“Recycle plastic but leave tennis balls in the ocean,” Reefs concluded.
The commenter asserts that “There is no housing shortage for millionaires and billionaires.”


Readers have expressed opposition to Rutgers professor Jason Barr’s proposal to add 1,760 acres of reclaimed land to the tip of Manhattan in order to increase housing and combat climate change.
“It’s a radical concept, but I like it,” Steven H. said. “Flood protection and additional housing are a win-win situation.”

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John Doe expressed his dissatisfaction: “You’re concerned about rising sea levels and increased flooding, but you believe it’s a good idea to build 250,000 homes on an at-sea level landfill? This is the pinnacle of insanity.

“There is no shortage of housing for millionaires and billionaires,” Zea Newland continued. “We require additional housing for low-income residents who keep the city running, but given how this plan would generate prime waterfront real estate and the magnitude of the investment required to create the land in the first place, I see little hope for meaningful housing change.”

A reader describes the extra-wide oak staircase as a “ridiculous design.”
Paolo Cossu Architects has sparked controversy by adding an extra-wide oak staircase to a Victorian terrace in east London that doubles as a piece of furniture.

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“There is no stair nosing, no handrail, and the riser to tread ratio appears to be dangerous,” Walter Astor observed. It’s simple to make a staircase appear novel and interesting when you disregard safety requirements mandated by local building codes.
“It is, in fact, dangerous,” Chris Hargreaves responded. “What an absurd design.”
Sim was adamant: “Or an architect has reasoned deftly, fully aware of the facts (along with an informed client), about how to satisfy building control.” Perhaps there is a balustrade detail that can be removed at the client’s request. ”

Adidas launches floating tennis court in Great Barrier Reef
According to one commenter, the metaverse is “a real estate frontier.”
Readers debate a virtual residence created by Andrés Reisinger and architect Alba de la Fuente. The two-story house was inspired by Dieter Rams’ industrial designs and was designed as a hideaway in a snowy forest.

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“This is not bad for a metaverse construction,” Archibro noted, “which, by the way, is a new frontier in real estate. Investors are already snapping up virtual properties. ” Furious B, on the other hand, disagreed: “I’m already sick of the metaverse.”

It’s literally Second Life 2.0, and these types of projects have no more merit or need for publication than any other theoretical project. I’d rather see innovative student projects than a fairly standard modernist house in a field. ”
Freed from the constraints of gravity and capitalism in the real world, designers of the so-called “metaverse” insist on conforming to those constraints through mindless reproduction of modernist designs, concluded James G. “An ideology that developed over a century ago.”

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