Songdo Library Redefining Reading in South Korea


Salon Alper Derinbogaz has proposed a new library in South Korea that is both integrated and open. The idea, which received honourable mention in the Songdo library competition, focuses on education and innovation for future learners, as well as a flexible place where knowledge, making, and technology coexist. The library was created to be an atmosphere that encourages the creation of new knowledge and ideas.

Songdo aspires to become a city of education, according to the team. “Reading, making, interacting, playing, and being outside all contribute to a diverse learning environment that aspires to create the next generation of visionary thinkers,” says the author. The library was designed to be an extension and continuation of the ground, tracking the tidal flats’ ecological legacy and presenting a new urban texture that is more in tune with nature.


Weaving Designs With Culture At The Songdo Library

Salon Alper Derinbogaz Creates Songdo Library Proposal in South Korea |  ArchDaily

The library was designed to be an open, interactive learning space that connects its surroundings and activates Songdo’s social life within a common landscape. The library’s environment is inspired by the poet’s garden, a place where nature gives a “retreat from worldly worries and where scholars may seek enlightenment and oneness with nature,” according to its history. The indoor gardens give vistas for the surrounding reading areas, and they open up during the summer months to expand the learning zones and bring readers closer to nature.

Implementing New Ideas To Provide Interactive Learning


The multimedia maker’s lab offers an interactive approach to learning, with technology and craft courses, in addition to areas for reading and both solo and group study. The library would be built using 3D printing, emphasising the connection between reading, learning, producing, and constructing. The hybrid structure is made up of 3D-printed concrete cores atop a ground-level modular grid that creates enclosed areas while also supporting a light wood roof.


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