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State And Local Green Building Partnerships By Biden

The Biden administration is launching a new partnership with two states and several cities aimed at reducing building-related global warming emissions.

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State And Local Green Building Partnerships By Biden

State And Local Green Building Partnerships By Biden

President Biden is expected to announce the establishment of the new “Buildings Performance Standards Coalition” during Friday’s remarks at the United States Conference of Mayors.

According to a White House fact sheet shared with The Hill first, the partnership will involve 33 state and local governments representing 20% of the country’s built environment and 22% of its population.


According to the fact sheet, the initiative will “unlock energy efficiency and electrification across the building sector as a driver of job creation while also lowering consumers’ energy bills.”

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By Earth Day 2024, the coalition’s goal is to advance legislation or regulation in each local or state jurisdiction.

It will accomplish this through the development of policy roadmaps, the convening of place-based teams to assist in the development of policies, and the sharing of results.

The states of Colorado and Washington, as well as a number of cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., have endorsed the initiative.

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State And Local Green Building Partnerships By Biden

State And Local Green Building Partnerships By Biden

The move comes at a time when the Biden administration is eager to demonstrate its commitment to climate action—particularly as its social and climate spending agenda remains stalled in Congress.

However, Biden expressed optimism this week during a press conference that conserving a significant amount of energy and environmental-related spending is possible.

The White House also invoked labour in its latest push, stating that members of the country’s building trades and unions have stated their willingness to work with coalition members.

Meanwhile, technical assistance is expected from the Energy Department (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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DOE will share best practices with governments considering adopting energy-efficient building standards. According to the fact sheet, the EPA will develop “new tools” for calculating local global warming emissions.

According to the fact sheet, Biden’s overarching goal during his first term is to upgrade 4 million buildings and 2 million homes.

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