Stone Villa By Tsolakis Architects

The Greek architecture firm Tsolakis Architects have created a vacation cottage on the Greek island of Paros that resembles the natural terrain. The 800-square-metre Encaved Stone Villa was built in various levels with a low-profile on a steep slope on the island of Antiparos. The villa faces east, and the project plot provides a direct view of the island of Paros as well as sight to surrounding Cycladic islands. Beautifully embedded into the landscape, a series of large windows frame this mesmerising views, while fragment pieces of stone walls creating castle-like pathways.

Embedding Natural Landscape Around The Stone Villa

Encaved Stone Villa / Tsolakis Architects | ArchDaily

The architects wanted to blend the structure into the terrain and make it feel like it belonged there, therefore the studio used textures and local materials to achieve this visual and functional coherence. The villa’s many types of volumes, combined with the house’s subterranean areas, correspond to the idea of incorporating the rocky topography into the new design. The Encaved Stone Villa stresses the coexistence of the complex’s various purposes, with an open-air corridor separating public spaces such as living and dining areas from private spaces such as sleeping areas. On the lower levels, the private areas are located next to the summer house’s main private pool. An independent elevator serves auxiliary spaces as well as purveyance.

 Use Of Local Materials In The Construction Of The Villa

Encaved Stone Villa / Tsolakis Architects | ArchDaily

While the use of local stone gives the character of site and authenticity, the facades features the lintels and pergolas made of chestnut and wicker timber. The interiors of the subterranean houses are lit from the inside via elongated openings in the ground, creating a scenographic ambiance. The connected engravings and trails into the architectural complex highlight elements of transmittance and focus points while guiding the resident to the bathing places.

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