Sunrise Kempinski Hotel- China’s Architectural Masterpiece


Imagine looking out your window and seeing nothing but beautiful mountains, a tranquil lake, and a breathtaking sky. Imagine laying in the lap of luxury while being surrounded by a gleaming glass orb and receiving the highest quality of service. Sounds like the perfect hotel, right? Well, the Sunrise Kempinski in China offers just that. Its shape and façade are a true beacon to Chinese culture and to the spectacular landscape of the area. 10,000 glass panels span the exterior of the building which covers 97 meters in height and occupies  more than 14 square km of land. What’s also fascinating to observe is that this entire project was completed in the span of 24 months and required more than 9,500 workers daily.

Symbolism And Culture At Sunrise Kempinski

Top class interiors are at display at the sunrise kempinski

The most obvious expression of culture is the scallop shape of the hotel, which is the Chinese emblem of fortune. The shape has also been structured to a rising sun, which exemplifies the growth in Chinese economy and honors the ancient culture of sun-worship. It forms the relevance on the philosophy of harmony and respect for nature. Finally, the entrance of the hotel assumes the shape of the mouth of a fish, another example of prosperity.


Environmental And Physical Factors For A Complex Structure

The intriguing silhouette is also environmentally friendly, as it was meant to have no effect on the wind direction required for good vegetation growth. Furthermore, the structure’s glass panels are made up of four layers of glass, which provides superior energy saving than concrete walls. This lowers both energy use and operating costs. Hydroelectric lights are used after sunset to save energy. Rest assured, the head designer Zan Hai Ao built the hotel as a superstructure which could withstand up to a level 8 earthquake.

Upon entering the hotel, guests are greeted by a custom-made art work consisting of a sweeping glass figure supported by cables. The hotel has a modern Presidential Suite with Jackson Pollock-inspired artwork on the walls. Each of the 306 guest-rooms has honey golden wood flooring and wallpapered panels, giving them a tranquil, modern feel.


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