Sweden is Constructing A Huge Space Complex That Will Serve As The First European Launch Facility For The Orbital Satellite.


The founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk, has expressed his hope over the past year that he will incorporate a new city in a town called Starbase, near the start-up plant in Boca Chica, Texas. While the idea of building a spaceport a few miles away from the Rio Grande and the Gulf of Mexico remains a dream, the same spaceport can serve only as of the inspiration for a commercial space race halfway around the globe — and in the polar opposite climate.

The Arctic Space Research Centre, which was first handed to Sweden by the European Space Agency in 1972, has a new meaning as companies in the United States and Europe plan to increase significantly the number of commercial satellites launched into orbit this decade.


Although the majority of people associate rocket launches with Florida or Texas, it benefits from taking off across the Arctic Circle. The polar orbit satellites that are launched through the north and south poles provide a wider view of the earth while reducing energy consumption in space.

Apart from its natural resources, in terms of space travel infrastructure, the region around Kiruna already has a competitive advantage.

The SPI has used the website over the years for a variety of space research projects and is famous among the top scientists in the country. The area also attracts the next generation (literal) rocket scientists due to its doctoral programme in space engineering at Lulea University of Technology and to its programme at Kirun Space High School. Besides the hotel, church and visitor centre, all of them will soon see increased activity.


With Esrange increasing its ambitions to be the first orbital rocket launching facility in Europe, there should be no shortage of stakeholders. According to the New York Times, German rocket startups (one of which has just received $100 million from the ex-SpaceX VP in funding from ISAR Aerospace Technologies) are already testing engines, with more to come once the launchpads are complete that carry orbital rockets outside Earth’s atmosphere.

Although the project was ambitious (and some of those who appreciated the vastness of the region have raised some concerns), the Swedish space company believes that Esrange is crucial for Sweden and for the rest of the world.

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