Here’s what Pool Designers Love Right Now, From Lagoon-Pool Chic To The Vast Spas.


Use the spa or go for the additional mile.

According to Isa Hendry Eaton, owner of Isa Bird Landscape Design: “A well-designed pool, not only has a role in it but can be an amazing focal point in a garden, similar to the great water characteristic,” she says. “The swimming pool is the same as the giant water character. Eaton receives most lap and swimming pools requests. Plunge pools, also known as ‘spools,’ are small enough to heat up easily while they are large enough to make a statement.

“Many customers want length, but not width,” she says, adding that building lap pools may be cheaper. There are also advantages for the smallest pool users who can swim over a standard pool when pulling out: “It’s not a problem with a lap pool.”


Don’t overlook the spa, last but not least. With this feature, Eaton recommends “big.” “I recommend that my customers construct a spa along their lap-pool,” she says. The majority of users in the pool like warm water. “And one partner is a lap swimmer for most of the couples, while the others just want to sit down and drink,” she goes on.

External buildings adaptable

The flexible pool structures are a high demand of Hamptons customers, architect Roger Ferry, which has offices in New York and Connecticut.


“With a fireplace and a kitchenette, I call it a poolhouse with steroids, because while it feels like outside, it can expand and open,” Ferris continues. The challenge, he continues, is to blur the line between the inner and the outer. Moreover, “these facilities must quickly become a guest accommodation if necessary.” Some customers say they worry about a different epidemic, or they simply want to ‘upgrade their properties’

Choose organic forms.

According to Steve Harris, a New York architect whose work included the restauration of the historic A. Conger Goodyear mansion in Long Island, homeowners have moved away from rectilinear pool plans.

He says that customers such as organic and smooth shapes settle in landscapes of proper grade. ‘There seems to be the impulsion to express joy and lightness than today’s ubiquitous modern infinity edge and crisp rectangular ponds on flat expanses of the ground.

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