The Eminence By Firm Plus Architecture

The Eminence, located at 139 Queensberry Street in Carlton, is situated between the macro scale of Melbourne’s CBD and the fine grain streetscapes of suburban Carlton, both physically and architecturally. The Eminence interprets and is inspired by both, finding a common language in the process. “Design an apartment complex that people desire to live in,” the client’s brief stated. Plus Architecture set out to develop rooms to call home with this simple purpose in mind at a period when compact, investor-focused apartments were the dominant market trend.

Overall Architectural Statement And Bringing The Alley To Life

The Eminence / Plus Architecture,© Jaime Diaz-Berrio

The Eminence’s overall architectural statement is one of tranquilly and rhythm, stability and clarity. There are moments of humour and play where the building meets the ground that speak to human scale and the iconic yet legendary Melbourne laneway experience. The perforated house motif girding the lobby entrance represents the notion of ‘home,’ giving a distinctive internal waiting room. This theme is carried along the alley around the building’s side, with a mix of street art and Corten-clad housing structures (which also serve as a shield for building services) bringing the alley to life.

Light-Filled Hallway Areas And Dynamic Waterfront

The Eminence / Plus Architecture,© Jaime Diaz-Berrio

The Eminence integrates with the normal two to three storey Carlton streetscapes effortlessly and playfully at street level, while the residential tower structures are covered with the city’s form and overall scale. The design contains three stories with precast columns and halo beams that are reminiscent of the Carlton landscape’s iconic Victorian architecture. The intricacy of the design, particularly the protrusion and staggering of columns, took great thinking on the part of the building team to accomplish the architects’ goal of continuous three-story columns.

The Eminence comprises a mix of one, two, and three-bedroom houses, catering to students, first-time home buyers, and owner-occupiers, with a focus on constructing homes for a truly mixed community. A spacious, pleasant rooftop space with amazing views brings this diverse community together. This property, which includes 193 apartments and two retail spaces over 15 storeys and is structured as three towers along a corridor axis, features an inviting entry lobby with lounge and fireplace. The architects produced light-filled hallway areas and open yet private apartments for all tenants by building a three-tower structure, welcoming and placing between the busy CBD and Melbourne’s dynamic waterfront

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