The Meloso Restaurant Is Redefining Dining Culture In Mexico


Food is the most essential part of any human being. Acting as the fundamental tool of life and sustenance, people really want to make the most of their dining experience when they go out for one. And The Meloso Restaurant in Mexico happens to be just that. The creators have built a place that seeks silence and reduces its design to the fundamental basics, the somewhat the repetitive use of materials makes a certain aesthetic of simplicity. The restaurant is located in the town of San Luis Tlaxialtemalco, a town that originated from Mexico City that still preserves vestiges of the pre-Hispanic era such as cultivation on ‘chinampas’ (floating gardens).

Architectural Style At The Meloso

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Interiors of El Meloso

Drawn in a huge longitudinal layout, a big arch is the set up at entrance of the restaurant, where guests have access to the bar and preparation stand from the outside. A special brick patterned-wall takes up one side of the space with the bar, while this pattern also complements the smoothness of other surfaces inside. It can be perceived a good balance between the old and the contemporary.


Narrow wooden seating places and tables are placed under a small circular window for guests. A wall at the back side of the space acts like a separator that shadows a washroom. It is almost a decorative wall, another seating place is attached to it. The furniture is a tribute to their way of sitting at festivities, which consists in putting wooden planks on stacks of partitions, and creates a somber vibe for it’s customers and this, works wonders in their favour.

Themes Explored At The Restaurant

Meloso’s genius arises from this reflection, which is why it can be observed on the site’s vernacular architecture gestures and take its tectonics up in the use of wide walls and mud. This makes up the raw material with which the space is intervened, giving new life to the materials and their possibilities of building elements are what make what is built contemporary. Having an old school, laid back vibe as a consistent theme, The Meloso is the perfect getaway for some great food and perfect ambience!


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