The Most Opulent Residences Of The Rich And Famous.


Celine Dion Mansion

Highlights: The glass walls, 13 bedrooms, and 14 bathrooms of the Bahamian-inspired mansion aren’t the most distinguishing features. The massive water park is reminiscent of what we imagine a celebrity home to look like. The 500,000-gallon pool system includes two swimming pools, two water slides, a river, water cannons, and a treehouse.

20,000 square feet of space

Jupiter Island is in the U.S. state of Florida.


It was sold for US$28 million in 2017.

Tylor Swift House

The US state of California in Beverly Hills. Taylor Swift paid for it in 2015 for $25 million. Highlights: The mansion was constructed in 1934 and was once owned by the well-known Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio founder, Samuel Goldwyn. The neighborhood is the same as Clark Gable and Charlie Chaplin, two Hollywood legends. The manor was a backdrop for the film The Best Years of Our Lives, winner of the Oscar in 1947.


Marilyn Monroe

2 610 ft2

Brentwood is a district of Los Angeles.

The price was $7.25 million when it was sold in 2017.

Highlights: What kind of house might persuade US beauty to buy it months before suicidalism? For some it is enough to appeal to him that it is Monroe’s only home. The mansion stands still, as well as the famous kidney pool in which Monroe liked to swim.

Audrey Hepburn Estate

Seven thousand sq. feet

Holmby Hills is a district of Los Angeles.

The price on the market is 13,995 million US dollars.

The property is as opulent as the movie and fashion icon in Hollywood. Its warmth can be seen in the 700 square meter bed and breakfast and 1,000 square feet of staff. The main house has a traditional flair, drawn up by Paul Williams.

Elvis Presley’s Mansion

Five thousand sq. feet

Las Vegas, Nevada is located.

The prices are 5.9 million dollars on the market.

In 1962, Look magazine called “The House of Tomorrow” Elvis Presley’s honeymoon home. 55 years later, with its glass walls and pool deck, the house designed by the modernist architect William Krisel still look futuristic. The result of Priscilla’s sweet-moon, he witnessed their daughter Lisa Marie birth.

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