Turning A Grain Silo Into A Micro-Residence

Stella van Beers, a graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, has created a watchtower-style house within a grain silo.

She transformed the disused agricultural structure into a two-story living space that she believes could be used as a temporary residence in her project, Silo Living.

Turning A Grain Silo Into A Micro-Residence
Turning A Grain Silo Into A Micro-Residence

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While silos are not ideal living spaces, they do have some unique advantages. Often, they can be installed in rural areas without obtaining planning permission.

They are also widely available in the Netherlands, where a reduction in livestock has resulted in a decreased demand for grain, rendering many of these structures obsolete.

Van Beers hopes to inspire new uses for these decommissioned silos, which are otherwise prohibitively expensive to dispose of and recyclable.

“You see them constantly in rural areas,” she explained. “I’ve always wanted to go inside one and thought it might make a nice temporary home.”

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Turning A Grain Silo Into A Micro-Residence
Turning A Grain Silo Into A Micro-Residence

To validate her concept, the designer purchased a seven-meter-tall silo online. “I figured if I wanted to do something with a silo, I should just buy one and see what I could do,” she explained.

After explaining her intentions to the proprietor, he agreed to let her take it for free.

Initially, there was no way for a person to enter the silo, which Van Beers changed.

She began by installing a pair of double doors, followed by the addition of a spiral staircase and an access deck.

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To maximise the interior space, she installed two floors that are connected via a mini staircase and ladder.

The lower level is a living area with a ledge that can be used for eating or working.

The mezzanine above is a sleeping area, and as such, is completely occupied by a mattress.

Both storeys now feature projecting windows, and a skylight serves as a lookout point.

“A cylindrical house is uncommon, so it was a bit of a challenge,” Van Beers explained.

Turning A Grain Silo Into A Micro-Residence
Turning A Grain Silo Into A Micro-Residence

Because the majority of the adaptations are based on standard components, they can be easily replicated across a variety of silos. The designer hopes to inspire owners of silos to be more inventive.

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“There are a lot of things I would change if I made another,” she explained, “but for a first prototype, I’m really happy with this.” It has already been slept in by a few people. “

She suggested that if you have a larger silo, you could use it as a temporary living space.

Van Beers created the project as part of her bachelor’s degree at Eindhoven’s Design Academy. She displayed it at her graduation show, which took place during October’s Dutch Design Week.

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