Boho-Budget-Friendly Interior Decor.


Shifting to a new place and getting interiors done is a big task. But if we know how we want our houses to look we can easily go after boho budget-friendly things.

There are so many online websites and budget-friendly markets where you can find decor items in your budget. Banjara market of Gurgaon is famous for metal, wood and mirror artworks followed by ceramics and pottery items. Most of the shopkeepers easily negotiate on your desired prices which also depends on the type of product you are pitching for.

Boho Home Decor: 11 Tips That Show You How To Pull It Off | Posh Pennies

Go Boho!

If you are planning to give your house green and colourful decor then Boho is your answer. Bohemian decor tells the story of all cultures, use of Morrocan tiles, flair curtains, mirrors, plants, jute furniture and dim lights. Not only this style gives a vibrant look but also every element comes under a budget-friendly list. You can easily cut down 1000$-2000$ on the interior designers and make your budget with a boho theme.


Elements to look at when you Hunt for Decor?

For the fun party decorations!! It is all about the elements that you are going to put in your place. Macrame items like baskets, planters and maybe wall hangings. You can also make your DIY elements with these materials. Woven baskets, carved photo frames, vintage furniture, textured coloured fabrics & beautiful minimal rugs. Few elements to look for when you shop for your house as listed.

Best Plants for Boho Theme!

Green elements around or inside the house feel as if you are close to nature and that is the only reason why designers and architects always prefer to include green elements in their designs. Boho style houses are filled with green plants as its one of the key elements in the theme. Some of the plants which come under boho styles are monstera, pothos, cacti, succulents, ferns etc. These plants are easy to care for and does not need direct sunlight, beautifies the room and makes it vibrant.  

Boho Plant Styling Garden Living Room Home Decor Home Decor – layjao

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