Hidden Spaces Inside The Famous Architectural Structures.


For several years archaeologists dig out ancient architectural beauties from the past. Surprises are never-ending and exciting. There are so many places that are not marked on the map but they exist. Discovering something from history is not only joyful but it also makes us wonder, without any technology it was produced with such strong foundations. Many people believe in the theories of supernatural powers in these places which are again very bizarre. Earth is never-ending so are its discoveries from the past. For instance, New York’s Grand Central Terminal with so many secrets accessible by a shared elevator which is famous and closed for renovation purposes.

Eiffel Tower, Paris- Apartment!

Everyone knows about this famous architectural structure all around the world but not sure how many people know about the apartment it holds within. Yes, Gustave Eiffel made sure to build a secret apartment in this famous landmark for himself. According to a survey, the height of this apartment is 147 feet high.


Congressional Bunker, Greenbrier Hotel, West Virginia!

Greenbrier is a luxury resort in greenbrier country, West Virginia in the United States. Many know about the secret bunker under this famous resort. This bunker was used by the members of congress to hide in the event of a national emergency in 1958.

Hall Of Records, Mount Rushmore, Keystone, South Dakota.

The description is all in the name, a hall to keep all the records. This structure is 80 feet tall and 100 feet long with metal cabinets containing the most important documents. Independence declaration, historian American contributions to art every important document was kept there.


carved out from the stone of Mount Rushmore mountains. When its construction stopped in 1939 it was left untouched until one box of record was kept in 1998.

Such places exist and not known by many. Le Showcase, underneath the Pont Alexandre III, Parid, Operating theatre, St. Thomas’s Church, London and Cloud Club, Chrysler Building, New York are other examples of such places.

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