The astounding Vidyasagar Setu in Kolkata


The second Hoogly Bridge connects the two cities, Kolkata and Howrah. It is the aesthetic of Kolkata. The bridge was opened in the year 1992. The whole span extends for 2700 feet. The second Hoogly Bridge also known as the Vidyasagar Setu is the first cable-stayed bridge in India that runs over the Hoogly River.

Vidyasagar Setu Construction

Vidyasagar Setu was designed by Schlaich Bergermann and Partner. The HRBC that is the Hoogly River Bridge Commission commissioned on October 10th, 1992. The construction had started on July 3rd, 1979.


The spectacular architectural feature of the second Hoogly Bridge

The bridge is cable-stayed supported by approximately 121 cables. It is built with 127.62m high steel pylons. These pylons are constructed to make it a free-standing structure. The Vidyasagar Setu can hold up to more than 85000 vehicles daily. The steel used in the construction of this bridge weighed about 13,200 tonnes.

The unique design of the bridge

The design of Vidyasagar Setu differs from other bridges which are of live loads combined construction. However, the Vidyasagar Setu is built with a dead load design concept. The side expansions are made of concrete with the trestle providing the intermediate support.


The deck of this huge bridge is in grid structures of girders. These girders are spaced at a distance of 14 feet from center to center. Several bolts are embedded in the pier chambers to connect the deck with the end of the piers.


Situations arising post-construction of the bridge

Over time, the bridge has seen several accidents and congestion caused due to it. This creates a lot of pandemonium which sometimes ends up with the closure of the bridge.

To avoid this chaos the HRBC has decided to construct a pair of one-way exit ramps as well as entry ramps with half circular layout acting as side wings. In 2014 an electronic toll collection facility was lodged. This is believed to ease the traffic flow on the bridge. Improvements and installation of LED lights and searchlights are planned to cover the four pylons.

The Vidyasagar Setu is the pride for the residence of both the cities, Kolkata and Howrah. In this world where everything is metamorphosing daily, the second Hoogly Bridge is constant. It adds to the aesthetic of the city’s architecture with its spectacular presence.

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